Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Luck of the Draw

[Posted a day late due to the extreme lack of WiFi.]

We saw Old Faithful today. It was very possibly one of the lamest water features in the park. Compared to the neighboring Beehive Geyser and other vibrant pools of bubbling liquids, the grand old geyser was a letdown. In no way did it justify a rapid series of photos that I somehow brought myself to take.

Later on in the day, we passed a duet of awesome geothermal displays - Dragon's Mouth and Mud Volcano.

Dragon's Mouth was an impressive network of caves that produced a low rumbling noise and on occasion, expelled steaming water from its gaping mouth. A sign by the opening informed us that the name was symbolic of "the way a dragon's tongue flicks out of its mouth." I'd say is more symbolic of a nice hot cup of bull. Whatever - it makes the English teachers happy.

All in all, we made it just over a hundred miles within Yellowstone National Park today. Not a whole lot of progress by any standards, but the tradeoff was a few unforgettable experiences.

Tonight, we are camping.

We managed to walk into the registration building at Canyon Village Campground at exactly the right time. Moments before, someone had called in a cancellation that opened up one last site, "F-130." For $18.50, we had a place to sleep.

The evening was devoid of nuisances, with the exception of mom sitting on her keys and causing the car to honk. Our site was nothing special - in close quarters with our dysfunctional camping neighbors (who, much to our surprise, seemed to be a family), underneath power lines, and bathed in the soft glow of fluorescent light from the restrooms. With a little rearranging and some scooting of debris, we made room for our hexagonal tent. It's darn cute. It does have a lame pole though; cracked at one of its rickety old joints.

Sleeping bags and pads deployed, it is time to sleep. The mosquitos are biting.

Today's photo comes from the Paint Pots, an area of mud that gurgled incessantly, yet home to an array of other colorful rock and water bodies.

We are here.

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