Thursday, August 2, 2007

Caribbean Pizza

I haven't the faintest idea what happened this morning, so in the confusion and un-up-to-date-ed-ness of the blog, I've decided to omit large portions that are of little importance to the overall experience. Breakfast and styles of waking up, descriptions of which usually go in the first paragraph, have obviously been pushed off the map. Sorry!

Now that I think about it, though, I did sleep well, and mom and I were seen off by the ever effervescent personality of Karen, one of mom's high school friends.

So, my first recollection about today was arriving in Hartford, Connecticut at a Pizza shop, famished. Our host and chef, whose arms were a canvas for the creative needle, informed us of his "Jamaican Stud" pizza, which, I am confident in saying was the first chicken pizza I had ever indulged in - and at the same time, probably the last jerk chicken pizza I ever will. Sweet Jesus, it was spicy! I think it gave me an ulcer. I don't care to find out. Regardless, it had kick, and after two slices I was done. Mom had a caprese salad thing. Lame!

We went on to the Mark Twain house, which was rather impressive, and not white. It was red. Are mom and I sane? We both thought it would be a large white clapboard house, but a tasteful one at that. Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed the grounds and exterior of the house - we decided to not take the hour-long tour of the interior, as it seemed not-so special from the images on the postcards in the gift shop. My only question about the house is: Why such a serious place for such a wacky guy?

Today, we made it to the West bank of the Hudson river, in New Windsor, south of Newburgh, Pennsylvania. Our neighborhood was on the same plane as many "barrios" in terms of economics and demographics. We found the New Windsor Motel, a decent alternative to the $565 per night hotel on the opposite side of the river. That saved us just about half a grand.

We found dinner at a rather unusual location - on a boat! The top deck of a converted (and now immobile) ferryboat was dedicated to the adult masses, while the lower deck was basically a restaurant in a meat cooler. Their air conditioning unit was working overtime, and the temperature was refreshing at first, but overwhelmingly cold after a short while. I went the healthy route and had a plate of vegetables, mom, the not-so-healthy deep-fried vegetable plate. Both were crispy and delicious.

We've got comfy beds and a cool room, so it's time to conclude. Au revoir!

We are here.

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